Custom Website Development

We love to turn ideas into reality and develop integrations with external systems! We are happy to build websites, ecommerce sites, and web applications with unique functionality, and/or bring a custom graphic design into life.

Both with our fixed-price website packages and custom-developed websites, our customers automatically receive the following benefits:

  • the site is built from the ground up according to the latest technical SEO best practices, including optimal load speed and mobile-friendliness
  • we install and configure measurement tools (Google Tag Manager, Analytics, Search Console)
  • we provide editor permissions to as many users as the site owner needs
  • editors can add any number of pages to the website
  • 99.9% of the content can be edited by the content managers, and they can also adjust technical and on-page SEO settings
  • form functionality
  • quality assurance and six months warranty
  • user guide and email support

Custom Functionality

Besides the basic functions (content display, forms, ecommerce functionality), we can implement any idea within the content management system, thanks to Drupal's flexibility, extensibility and integrability with external systems.

Some examples:

  • connecting the website to an online booking system (e.g. FareHarbor),
  • fully automated, contactless booking and purchase processes, connected with the ticketing partner's system,
  • integration of third-party APIs,
  • front-end for third-party managed back-end,
  • custom module development for various tasks, e.g. to migrate content from the old site to the new one automatically,
  • automated product uploading to the ecommerce website from the wholesaler's system, automated product details updating based on the data in the wholesaler's system,
  • put the latest technologies to work, e.g. Gatsby (when we use Drupal as a headless CMS, so content is uploaded to Drupal and the front-end is generated using Gatsby, so, as the HTML is static, the page loads much faster),
  • implementing gated content and paywall solutions,
  • filtering for offices, sites, partners, retailers by location on a map,
  • custom newsletter systems, with customisable and flexible segmentation options, with scheduled newsletter delivery,
  • fully controllable user permissions, view and/or edit permissions according to a wide variety of roles and aspects, and even to certain sections of the website,
  • multilingual websites, both in the admin view and contentwise,
  • registration and user profiles for visitors,
  • forums and integration of third-party commenting applications or custom-built comment functionality,
  • any currency or payment method (PayPal, Stripe, OTP Simple Pay, Amazon Pay, etc. — see the full list here) for ecommerce websites, implementation of different VAT rates,
  • coupon system, invoicing app integration,
  • …or whatever else your website, ecommerce site or business may need.

Custom Graphic Web Design

Our web designer partners can create a completely unique graphic design for your website, brand or even business.


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