Graphic Web Design

The graphic design of a website can be: 

Template Based Web Design

Websites based on a design template are faster and cheaper to build, because we work with a ready-made graphic design, which means you don't have to spend time and money on graphic design.

Just because a website uses a design template does not mean that it will look the same as another website that uses the same template. Changing the colours, fonts or adding your own content and images completely changes the look of a template.

We always use our own design for our cost-effective Easy Build websites, and for websites with page builder functionality, we can use our own design (this is a Flexi Build website). As we built this design ourselves, we can confidently recommend it, knowing that it is technically optimized and the code is completely clean.

But there are also plenty of templates available to buy, for example on ThemeForest — if you want to choose from them, we can help you find the one that best suits your needs.

The template you can buy does not have to be used one-to-one: it can be customised to a certain extent according to your needs. For example, you don't have to use all the template pages or all the elements of a template page: you can select elements from different pages of the template and combine them. We almost always change the colours of the template to the colours of the client's brand, and this is often the case with the font.

Custom Web Design

If the design templates do not meet your needs, a web designer can create a completely unique graphic design for your website. With a custom design, the possibilities are endless for layouts, animations, etc., but a website with custom graphic design is more expensive and time-consuming to build than template-based ones.

The graphic design created by our designer partner is usually presented to our clients in image format. On request, we can also create a video prototype, that will also show the animations designed by the graphic designer, and how the actual website will work. This was the video prototype of the Prompt.hu website design:

Several versions of the design or elements of the design can be created on request.

An Exact Copy of Your Current Website's Design

Copying your existing website's design is also an option if, for example, you want to change to Drupal CMS, or upgrade from an older version to Drupal 9 but keep the look of your website, or if you just want to make your current website mobile-friendly so you just need a responsive revamp.

Responsive Web Design

Whether we work with a template, a custom graphic design or just copy an existing design, the finished website will be responsive, meaning that it will adapt to various display sizes by rearranging and resizing elements. So it will not only look good and be easy to use on desktop computers, but also on mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets).

Why is responsive design so important?

  1. Fewer visitors browsing on a smaller screen will return (leave the site) before making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, reading content, etc.
  2. No need to develop, operate, maintain and edit a separate mobile website.
  3. According to Google's recommendation, responsive web design is the industry best practice — with a responsive website, you have a better chance of being ranked higher in the search results.

Full Brand Identity Design

If you need a complete brand identity design, in addition to the web design, we can also design your newsletter and company logo, business cards, brochures etc., so that all your company documents look professional and fit together perfectly.


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