Both the Easy Build and Flexi Build packages can be extended with blog functionality.

The blog feature means two additional page types: blog post page and the automatically updated blog category page.

blog-kategóriaoldal és blogposztoldal drótváza

Blog Post Page

Content uploaded as a blog post has a single-column layout with WYSIWYG / HTML content editor, and you can also add an image that will be displayed at the top of the blog post page as a full-width image, i.e. as a "banner image" or "hero image".

On blog post pages, under the post title the following will be automatically displayed:

  • the name of the author,
  • the date the post was created (this can be overwritten manually), and
  • tags, if the author has assigned tags to the blog post. Clicking on a tag will list out all blog posts with that tag.

Blog Category Page

Newly added blog posts are automatically displayed in a list on the blog category page:

  • on the left, a preview image uploaded by the author for this purpose,
  • to the right of the image the title of the blog post,
  • below the title, the author's name,
  • the date the post was created,
  • the tags assigned to the post,
  • and a short summary or teaser text, also provided by the author when uploading the blog post.


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