Our Clients

Since 2007 we have worked on a number of projects, both large and small, both as Prompt and as the exclusive web development partner of the online marketing agency ActiveMedia. Some of our work includes:


Website for Signing up or Online Courses

  • graphic design
  • web development

Online Magazine, News Site

  • structural and functional design completely from scratch
  • graphic web design
  • building the website
  • the predecessor of the Flexi Build websites: content editors can add different page elements to any page, e.g. text, image gallery, footnotes...
  • web hosting

Company Website, with Online Course Booking

Company Website, Built with Gatsby Technology

  • graphic design
  • building the website with variable page layouts
  • built using the latest technology: we use Drupal as a headless CMS, i.e. we upload the content to Drupal and generate the front-end using Gatsby, so we have a separate front-end and a back-end, and because the HTML is static, the page loads much faster than on a traditional website
  • web hosting


Business Website with Integration of an Online Booking Software

  • revamping the old site
  • renewal of the graphic design
  • individual content for different cities within a single website, with their own range of products, stocks and services
  • integration of FareHarbor online booking system
  • development of a fully contactless and automated ticketing process, connecting the website with the Alcatraz system in a way that the generated documents meet the requirements of ticket vendors
  • building a webshop selling promotional products
  • SEO planning and consulting
  • Google Ads campaign management

Website to Promote Products and Services

  • website designed from scratch for the new shop
  • graphic design based on the "parent" site, Blazingsaddles.com
  • web development
  • Google Ads campaign management

Car Rental Website, Integrating Third-Party Booking API

  • building the website
  • integration of the API through which car reservations are received
  • designing the booking steps, developing the booking process, where you can list and filter results by locations and dates worldwide, and add additional services to the reservation
  • building a payment system

Front-End Development

  • graphic design
  • building the front-end

Website for a Nonprofit Organization

  • rebuilding the website in Drupal 8
  • content migration using a custom module

Design-Heavy Company Websites

  • graphic web design
  • building the spectacular websites with full page designs and lots of animations

Ecommerce Website with Product Import and Complex Product Filters

  • redesigning the ecommerce website
  • graphic web design
  • developing the website, with filtering by a number of product attributes
  • payment system implementation
  • automated migration of thousands of products from the old website, using a custom developed module
  • product importing: connecting the website to the wholesaler's website, from which thousands of additional products had to be imported
  • automatic product updates: if product details (e.g. prices) change on the wholesaler's site, the system automatically synchronises the changes

Company Website for Lead Generation with Distributor Finder Functionality

  • rebuilding the website, upgrading its functionality
  • page builder functionality based on the Flexi Build solution
  • lead generation with PDF downloading: visitors can access content after submitting their email address (gated content)
  • implementation of distributor finder map functionality: visitors can search for the nearest distributors of different types by postcode or by state and city, and the results are also shown on a map

Ecommerce Website Selling Online Services with a Custom Newsletter System

  • building a multilingual website based on a custom graphic design
  • page builder functionality based on the Flexi Build solution, with a number of extra layout elements
  • different levels of access to the online services offered on the website: automatic allocation of user permissions to website sections, depending on which service package the user purchased
  • user permissions are updated automatically when the user upgrades their package 
  • custom newsletter system: the site owner can set up customized segmentation criteria for newsletters, based on the services purchased and the documents downloaded with the subscription, and create segments in any combination of these, in each language separately. They can also schedule newsletters and set the intervals at which they are sent. The newsletters are HTML-based and the site managers can design them easily with the same WYSIWYG / HTML editor that is used for content editing
  • web hosting

Web Application for Company Management, for Internal Use

  • designing how the web application will work
  • creating a custom graphic design for the web application
  • developing the web application
  • designing and implementing a complex user permission system: users can view and/or edit (add, delete) content according to their access levels to locations (sites, facilities or rooms) and other specific roles (by position, roles in the organization, competence etc.) 
  • in-app and email notifications which are sent according to different rules in different sections of the application and to users with certain permissions/roles
  • import and export data
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