Websites Based on a Content Management System (CMS)

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Last updated: 2022. 06. 17.

Owners of websites based on a content management system (CMS) can create new pages for their website or modify or delete existing pages without the help of a developer or technical, coding knowledge. All they need to do is log in to a user-friendly admin interface to edit their content freely at any time.

CMSs have other advantages as well:

  • You can easily edit navigation, menus.
  • You can upload any type of file to your website, from videos to PDF documents.
  • You can add online forms.
  • Your website can be easily extended with e-commerce functionality.
  • Regularly released updates guarantee secure, smooth operation.

Why We Love Drupal

We specialize in Drupal content management system, which is perfect for building complex systems, including large, robust business websites. It also a perfect match for our high quality standards.

Award-winning Drupal content management platform is not only known for its security. With Drupal, you can create 100% customisable websites that can be flexibly extended with new features and integrate with virtually any external system.

It's true that adding functionality and installing modules requires some technical knowledge (unlike WordPress), but:

  • no paid plugins: the modules that are added to your website are yours, there are no annual subscriptions,
  • new features and modules added by developers ensure that they will be professionally built and do not make the website to crash,
  • new features and modules added by professionals will not slow down the loading speed of your website either.

You can still edit the content of your Drupal-based site on your own, without the help of a developer, in a user-friendly admin interface, which will save you time and money.

We deliver our Drupal CMS-based websites technically optimized and ready for on-page SEO.

Drupal 9 is faster than ever, so sites based on this CMS provide an excellent user experience, which is also a big plus when it comes to Google rankings!

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