5 Signs Your Website Needs a Rehaul

Huszár Ágnes
Last updated: 2023. 01. 26.

If even one of the following 5 statements is true for your website, then a renewal is highly recommended:

Your Website is Not Responsive

If your website doesn't adapt to different screen sizes, but looks exactly the same on all devices, so visitors have to scroll horizontally on mobile and zoom in to be able to read the content, then switching to a responsive website is strongly recommended. 

If you're otherwise happy with the design and want to keep the desktop view, we can design and build a mobile view for you, based on the desktop design.

I Want a Mobile-Friendly Website!

Pages Load Slowly

Load time has a big impact on user experience, which is why it is now a ranking factor. The majority of users, especially those on mobile, often wait no more than 2-3 seconds for a page to load, then they leave the page and look for information elsewhere.

That's why a faster-loading website is better positioned in the search results, and advertising is much cheaper with a better performing, technically optimized site.

If you are happy with the structure, layout and graphic design, the only thing that bothers you is the loading speed of your pages, we can rebuild the site by copying the design. However, such an upgrade can be a great opportunity to update other areas on the website, such as the graphic design or usability flow.

I Want an Optimized Website!

Your Website Uses Drupal 7 (or Earlier Versions)

If you are happy with the architecture and the graphic design, but your content manager is Drupal 7 or an even earlier version, then upgrading to Drupal 9 is strongly recommended for security and performance reasons.

I Want to Upgrade to Drupal 9

Your Website Is More Than 3 Years Old

Sites designed or built three years ago are not necessarily outdated, but it is worth considering whether they meet the quality and/or aesthetic expectations of today's users.

You may feel that the graphic design is modern, intuitive and user-friendly, but you would like to change the navigation, the link structure, user paths and page content structure (for example, for SEO considerations).

You may also be satisfied with the structure, the functions, the design, you think that the website can be doing its job perfectly, the flow is user-friendly, but you think the graphic design is outdated, unappealing, unintuitive, or the style is not in line with the message or the brand.

If your competitor's site looks easier to use, more appealing, more modern, then chances are it's time for a revamp.

I Want to Renew My Website

Content is Difficult to Upload

Nowadays, you don’t need coding or technical skills to update your website’s content. If your site requires a professional to upload or modify content, it's time to move to a content management system: a CMS-based website, while keeping the same design if you want.

I'm Switching to Drupal CMS